Free Swim Clinics

The South Charleston Community Center will be hosting FREE swim clinics for the upcoming summer swim team
season. The clinics are for South Charleston schools and residents in grades K-12. So come out and
improve your skills for the upcoming season. This will also be a good time to sign your child up for Little
Creek Pool’s swim team. The clinics will be held on the following dates and times:

April 22nd – 4:30-5:15

April 23rd – 4:30-5:15

April 25th – 4:30-5:15

April 29th– 4:30-5:15

April 30th– 4:30-5:15

May 2nd– 4:30-5:15

May 6th – 4:30-5:15

May 7th – 4:30-5:15

May 9th – 4:30-5:15

May 13th – 4:30-5:15

May 14th – 4:30-5:15

May 16th – 4:30-5:15

No registration is required. Participants may come anytime during the event time frame.

Sign-ups for swim team are going on NOW- May 28st

For more information, please call 304-744-4731